💬 Too Long; Didn’t Read #152

Replied to Too Long; Didn’t Read #152 (W. Ian O'Byrne)
Well, amazing things happen when you dump that repository of info into one of the world’s best machine learning engines.
I find all these seemingly incidental combinations intriguing for lack of a better word. When Google hit the books, is this what they had in mind? I was reading today about the move away from ‘research’ to ‘AI’. I wonder what the consequences of Sidewalk Labs on military surveillance?

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  1. Hey Aaron. i definitely agree. One of the things that we need to remember is that Google is primarily a machine learning company. The search engine was just an initial front for this entity. And, in machine learning, you scoop up as much info as you can to teach the machine. Add in all of the info from all books…of course. Add in photo, video from the real world…of course.

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