📑 Tips for preparing student work during school closures

Bookmarked Tips for preparing student work during school closures – Oz Lit Teacher Narissa Leung
Narissa Leung discusses the need for reasonable, purposeful and sustainable learning for at home while schools are closed. She suggests planning one week work and reassessing from there. At the end of the first week to decide what to plan for the any subsequent weeks.

Teachers should assess the amount and quality of work completed by their students and use this knowledge to plan for subsequent weeks. You could make contact with students and parents to check in with the learning during the week and at the completion of the week as you see fit. Differentiation is going to be key in these uncertain times. Some students will want and need more academic focus, structure and work from us, others will want and need more emotional focus and support from us- in any way we can give it. (I despair for those kids who look forward to our hugs every day!) This will be the time to get creative and think right outside the well sanitized box!

Associated with this, Leung provides a number of things to consider, such as how you will deliver new content, expectations about your working hours and the need to be mindful that sometimes technology does not work.

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