💬 New Year, Same Old (TIDE)

Replied to Episode 95: New Year, same old TIDE by Dai Barnes & Doug Belshaw (tidepodcast.org)
Interesting listening as always. Just a couple of quick points. In regards to the distraction of technology, my mother used to bring knitting (is that technology?) when she would watch me play cricket. I remember once I had lasted only a few balls, going out for a duck. As I walked off, she congratulated me and told me that I had played well. I knew that she neither had a clue what was going on or how I had played. That was long before the smartphone.

Another wondering was associated with the discussion of different identities online. Do you think that the #IndieWeb and the correlating principles counter that, with focus on POSSE and collective identity?

2 responses on “💬 New Year, Same Old (TIDE)”

  1. Thanks for the comment, Aaron!

    Knitting is an interesting one, as I’m pretty sure you can do that by touch. Smartphones on the other hand…

    In terms of identities, yes I do think that the IndieWeb approach, where you have domains that you control, counters that to some extent. The problem is, of course, that it’s a pretty high barrier these days – especially as environments such as Facebook effectively digitally de-skill people.


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