🎡 It Is What It Is (Thundercat)

Listened Thundercat: It Is What It Is from Pitchfork

Three years after his 2017 opus Drunk, Stephen Bruner returns with more fleet-fingered jams and abstracted musings, this time a little more unpolished.

I really love when I come upon an artist that then sends me down a back-catalogue rabbit hole. I came upon It Is What It Is via NPR New Music podcast. Michel Martin unpacks the album further in an uplifting interview with Stephen Bruner exploring the acceptance of the reality that we live in.

I watched a video published by Pitchfork in which Bruner explains that the bass plays the roll somewhere between the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic.

I am not sure if I just do not listen properly, however I appreciate this music a lot more after listening to Bruner unpack the process and perform. On Tiny Desk Concert:

With Mac Miller:

On Jimmy Kimmel

Place between Tame Impala and Squarepusher

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