๐Ÿ’ฌ Things We Left in the Old Web

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The trouble is that Reddit has become the Big Blog. You are welcome to post your stuff there. But itโ€™s usually in gray and white with a little blueโ€”so that I lose a sense of who Iโ€™m reading exactly, who they are and where they call home. Reddit isnโ€™t keen on a link to your blog without an acceptable amount of foreplay. Youโ€™re not yourself, youโ€™re a Redditorโ€”ten to twelve letters with a little bit of flair, maybe a cake, maybe a gold star. Could I be so lucky.

Interesting reflections Condor. I have been wondering a while what the IndieWeb could look like in the future. A part of me likes the idea of reading and commenting on your site away from the silos. For example, I subscribe to Chris Aldrich’s #IndieWeb feed and read it via Inoreader. I guess this is my black and white with a bit of blue. The irony is that my site is grey and white with a little bit of yellow. Maybe I need more colour?

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    1. Aaron Davis says:

      What I find interesting @adders is that I wasn’t blogging in the halycon days, but it sounds like it was a blast. Happy to bring it back one comment at a time.

  1. Well, yeah, I’m not sure how many bloggers like to spend time designing their
    blog. And if it’s all about the writing and communication for you—that
    makes sense! I don’t think it all needs to be organized and pretty, neither
    was the Old Web.
    For me, I want to draw you to my blog where the post layout is preserved
    and you can feel like you’re visiting my little letterpress. To that end:
    thanks for saying hi!

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