📑 The sad state of personal data and infrastructure

Bookmarked The sad state of personal data and infrastructure | Mildly entertainingᵝ (beepb00p.xyz)
Jestem Króliczkie unpacks the challenges associated with keeping a record of your personal data and digital traces. His solution is data mirror app, “that merely runs in background on client side and continuously/regularly sucks in and synchronizes backend data to the latest state.” One of the problems is that the ‘average’ user are not often not motivated enough to make such requests.

This reminds me Kin Lane’s discussion of personal API from a few years ago and Tom Woodward’s attempt at a dashboard. I also wonder where data mirroring fits within Cory Doctorow’s discussions if adversarial interoperability. Although Kin Lane warns that interoperability is a myth.

Sadly, my current method is manual til it hurts. And it hurts.

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