๐Ÿ“‘ The Problem with Teaching Sophisticated Vocabulary

Bookmarked The Problem with Teaching Sophisticated Vocabulary (theconfidentteacher.com)
Alex Quigley shares some activities to support students with making apt vocabulary choices, including:

  • ‘Vocabulary 7-upโ€™ is a simple vocabulary game that encourages pupils to record as many synonyms as they can for common words (seven ideally!).
  • โ€˜Word Tripletsโ€™ offers students three words to choose from, or synonyms, so that we can begin to shape their apt vocabulary selections.
  • โ€˜Said is deadโ€™. The use of โ€˜saidโ€™ is part of the fabric of academic writing.
  • โ€˜Simple >< Sophisticatedโ€™. Teachers can quickly and repeatedly model apt word choices, along with the movement from simple to sophisticated, and the reverse when it is needed.
  • Word gradients. A common approach is to have pupils discuss and select from a range of word choices โ€“ debating their meaning and value for a given task.

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