💬 The Personal Essay Project

Replied to The Personal Essay Project (Bianca Hewes)

This year we are embarking on transdisciplinary learning for the first time. What is transdisciplinary learning, you ask? Well, it feels like what we sometimes call cross-curricula or multi-discipl…

I often find myself getting trapped in the thinking that PBL needs to be ‘practical’, what you capture here Bianca is the ability to take ‘personal’ action by finding voice. Thank you for sharing.

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  1. Hey Aaron… for me PBL is not so much ‘hands-on’ as it is ‘authentic’. I am an English teacher, so ‘hands-on’ in a practical way doesn’t necessarily reflect the authentic work done by people working in my discipline. I think this goes for geography to an extent as well, geographers spend a lot of their time writing and communicating their findings to a public audience. That’s what this project is about.

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