🎧 The New Laws of Robotics and what they might mean for AI (Future Tense)

Antony Funnell speaks with Frank Pasquale about his new book New Laws of Robotics. Pasquale builds on the work of Isaac Asimov to propose a more human first orientation to the development of artificial intelligence.

Pasquale says we must push much further, arguing that the old laws should be expanded to include four new ones:

  1. Digital technologies ought to “complement professionals, not replace them.”
  2. A.I. and robotic systems “should not counterfeit humanity.”
  3. A.I. should be prevented from intensifying “zero-sum arms races.”
  4. Robotic and A.I. systems need to be forced to “indicate the identity of their creators(s), controller(s), and owners(s).”

In a follow-up, Funnell speaks with Michael Evans about public opinion in regards to AI and government strategy. He also discusses the report AI for Social Good with Neil Selwyn.

3 responses on “🎧 The New Laws of Robotics and what they might mean for AI (Future Tense)”

  1. This short article provides me with a frame to highlight a few resources. The focus is this audio program from ABC in Australia with Frank Pasquale about his new book New Laws of Robotics. The ‘new laws’ aren’t just an update on Asimov’s original three laws, they are (to my view) an over-reaction to the threat from AI, maintain that robots must never replace humans, must never appear human, must be prevented from intensifying “zero-sum arms races,” and must always identify their owner/operators. Call me a cynic, but I still prefer Asimov’s rules. In that light, I think people making rules for AI would do well to revisit Dave Winer’s 2017 Rules for Standards Makers (especially the remarks about practice and the idea that people “feel like they can make decisions that the world will then obey. You can hear it how people talk”). Related: AI for Social Good from Monash University.

  2. Yo estaría en medio, entre Aaron Davis y mi querido amigo Stephen Downs y eso que la gente sabe que admiro a Asimov, pero mi planteamiento es que las 2personas somos las tecnologías”, bien que es una metáfora, pero viene a indicar que unas sin las otras no son nada y viceversa y que la sociedad que está surgiendo necesita de las tecnologías adecuadas a contextos y personas para que sus sinergias sean las precisas.

    Juan domingo Farnos

    (Google Translate: I would be in the middle, between Aaron Davis and my dear friend Stephen Downs and that people know that I admire Asimov, but my approach is that the 2 people are the technologies “, well that is a metaphor, but it indicates that some without the others are nothing and vice versa and that the emerging society needs the appropriate technologies for contexts and people so that its synergies are necessary.

    Juan Domingo Farnos)

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