💬 The Many Ways In Which APIs Are Taken Away

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  • Deprecation – APIs disappear regularly both communicated, and not so communicated, leaving consumers scratching their heads.
  • Disappear – Companies regularly disappear specific API endpoints acting like they were never there in the first place.
  • Acquisition – This is probably one of the most common ways in which high profile, successful APIs disappear.
  • Rate Limits – You can always rate limit away users make APIs inaccessible, or barely usable for users, essentially making it go away.
  • Error Rates – Inject elevated error rates either intentionally or unintentionally can make an API unusable to everyone or select audience.
  • Pricing Tiers – You can easily be priced out of access to an API making it something that acts just like deprecating for a specific group.
  • Versions – With rapid versioning, usually comes rapid deprecation of earlier versions, moving faster than some consumers can handle.
  • Enterprise – APIs moving from free or paid tier, into the magical enterprise, “call us” tier is a common ways in which APIs go away.
  • Dumb – The API should not have existed in the first place and some people just take a while to realize it, and then shut down the API.

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