๐Ÿ“‘ The Long Game of Coronavirus Research

Bookmarked The Long Game of Coronavirus Research by Jerome Groopman ([object Object])

Modern medical research is inherently collaborative, but the constellation of efforts now under way around the world is unprecedented in scale and scope. That diffusion heightens the value of places like NEIDL, which acts as a hub of knowledge. Many facilities fulfill a few of the functions that NEIDL does, but few gather so many disciplines and approaches under one roof, and fewer still also make it part of their missions to proactively pursue collaborations with surrounding institutions. This is no accident but, rather, a testimony to the value of long-range thinking, even at those moments of crisis when speed is on everyoneโ€™s mind. As Corley showed me around, he reminded me of the fact that the reason NEIDL had a diverse but integrated team of researchers at the ready to study a catastrophic viral outbreak was the foresight of Anthony Fauciโ€™s recommendations after 9/11. โ€œCOVID was the raison dโ€™รชtre for creating NEIDL,โ€ Corley said. โ€œThe pandemic fulfills its mission.โ€

Jerome Groopman explores the deep dive associated with the study of the coronavirus and possible treatments. In a separate post, John Timmer touches on the challenges of T-cell based immunity.

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