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We are a ‘The Haploids’, and we came here to party with you!
The Haploids are a band who make music for kids that grown-ups can enjoy too.
We play a variety of genres, from punk rock to space-funk to folk to ska to hip-hop. Our
lyrics are inclusive and often accidentally educational. We sing about the awesomeness of
vegetables, the importance of play, treating others with respect, gardening and art. We
semi-guarantee your kids will eat more veggies and be nicer to their siblings if they come
to our shows!

The Haploids is a children’s band that ‘make music for kids that grown-ups can enjoy too‘. They match contemporary genres with lyrical content that children can relate to. As Dylan Lewis argues in an interview on Nova,

Kid’s don’t hate good music … If you talk dumb to kids, they turn out dumb. If you play them awesome music, they turn out awesome.

In the same interview,Β Lewis explains that the name was derived from crocheted animals his father made in the 70’s which he called ‘haploids’. A picture of one of these creations has been posted on Instagram:


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