๐Ÿ’ฌ The Future of PD for Faculty

Replied to The Future of PD for Faculty by Mel Young (Disruptive Pedagogy)
Our Teaching and Learning Hub started a Level-Up Challenge this fall that challenged faculty to make one small change to a lesson (or course/program) to make it more impactful for learners. Faculty must share their level up experience on our Hub blog and they will earn a Level-Up button. Many of our faculty whoโ€™ve already leveled up are asking if they can earn multiple buttons! We are currently working on a program for the winter semester that will continue to challenge our trailblazing faculty to keep trying new things!
A few years ago I was looking into different options for recognising learning in an attempt to celebrate more personalised successes and journeys. I wonder if Open Badges would be of use? In particular, the notion of constellations where learners are able to join together different accomplishments to tell a particular story depending on the story that needs to be told.

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  1. I was thinking about open badges, too. I think we also need something to recognize those faculty that do self-directed learning and PD that arenโ€™t so โ€˜digitalโ€™ because badging wonโ€™t be enticing to them. I like the idea of constellations โ€“ a great visual for how beautiful things can be when individuals share their learning with one another.

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