📑 The Flâneur: A Radical-Chic Icon

Bookmarked The Flâneur: A Radical-Chic Icon (sketchbloom.com)

” There was the pedestrian who wedged himself into the crowd, but there was also the flâneur who demanded elbow room and was unwilling to forego the life of the gentleman of leisure. His leis…

I came upon this post while I was strolling around the web. Starting with Chris Aldrich’s suggestion to look at the work of Taleb. Searching ‘Taleb’ and ‘Flanerie’ I came upon this investigation of Parisian Flanerie.

Mariateresa Aiello ties together a number of texts on the topic, including Walter Benjamin’s arcade project, Susan Sontag on photography and Taleb’s reflection in walking in Black Swan. There are a number of other posts and pieces as well. This is one of those posts that I think I might come back to.

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