🎧 ‘The End of Forgetting’ (Chips with Everything)

Listened ‘The End of Forgetting’: Chips with Everything podcast from the Guardian

This week, Jordan Erica Webber talks to Kate Eichhorn about her new book The End of Forgetting: Growing up with Social Media, which explores the dangers facing young people who may find it difficult to distance themselves from their pasts, long into the future.

Kate Eichorn talks about the impact of social media on refugees and growing up. We no longer allow children what Erik Ericson’s calls a psychosocial moratorium. Sometimes the memory is generated by somebody else, such as parents and ‘sharenting‘. What is overlooked in all this is how participation online is contributing in digital labour. Associated with this are the profits and data mining associated with platform capitalism. I am reminded of Alec Couros and Katia Hildebrandt’s call for empathy when responding to digital missteps. Clive Thompson also discusses the impact of technology on memory in Chapter Two of Smarter Than You Think.

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