📑 The Educator’s Guide To Using Video In Teaching And Learning

Bookmarked The Educator’s Guide To Using Video In Teaching And Learning (The Edublogger)

In an era of remote teaching and learning due to the global pandemic, teachers and students are relying on video more than ever before.

Video in education can mean a lot of things:

  • Teachers finding and sharing videos someone else has made
  • Educators creating their own videos, often as a screencast or piece to camera
  • Teachers hosting video conferences
  • Students creating their own videos — tutorials, reflections, stop motion, animation or more

Video is an everyday part of most students’ lives and can be a crucial tool in a remote learning curriculum.

But what tools and equipment should you use to create videos, screencasts, or live conferences? Where can you find high-quality videos that others have made? And what’s the best way to share videos you’ve made with others?

This guide will help.

Kathleen Morris has continued sharing resources to support with the move to online learning. This time it is a thorough guide on the use of video. This includes forms of video, applications, techniques, editing software and means of sharing.

A couple of applications that I have found useful in the past are TouchCast and Adobe Spark Video.

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