💬 The ebook revolution that didn’t happen

Replied to The ebook revolution that didn’t happen by Bill BennettBill Bennett (billbennett.co.nz)

If ebooks were priced appropriately, they’d sell, it’s that simple. Almost everyone carries a device which could act as an ebook reader. They could do better.

I understand the argument against eBooks Bill, that we remember more when we read in print and that the experience is better. However, the hidden benefit to eBooks is in regards to accessibility. I often ‘listen‘ to Kindle eBooks using the accessibility functions on an old iPhone or using Google Books on my Android phone.

In regards to publishing, I think that Verso Books has it right when they often offer substantial savings for eBooks as well as free eBooks for physical purchases. They also allow users full access to the text to load to whatever platform they choose.

This all reminds me of Craig Mod’s piece arguing that the future book is here, it just wasn’t what we expected.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Verso. That company seems to have the model right. I’m impressed. I’d be more impressed if there was a wider range of books, but yes, this is what we were lead to expect would be possible with ebooks. If the big publishers did the same, especially bundling ebooks with printed books, I think the publishing history of the last ten years would be different.

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