๐Ÿ“‘ The Downside of Checking Kidsโ€™ Grades Constantly

Bookmarked The Downside of Checking Kidsโ€™ Grades Constantly by Jessica Lahey (nytimes.com)

Digital grade portals were designed to improve home-school communication by allowing students and parents to monitor grades and attendance throughout the year so there are no surprises at report card time. In theory, a parent who checks the portal has the opportunity to stay on top of a childโ€™s performance and facilitate support for the child if performance slips.

The reality, at least in high-pressure school districts, is that some parents interpret the schoolโ€™s invitation to constantly monitor grades and scores on the portal not as an option, but as an obligation. This obligation adds to the mounting anxiety students and parents feel in these districts.

Jessica Lahey discusses the other side to anytime, anywhere access. The effort to irresistably engage parents can lead to an increase in anxiety and a devaluing of student-teacher relationships, relevance and student engagement. It is also interesting to consider where SeeSaw and danger of the digital dump.

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