๐Ÿ’ฌ The bullying of school leadership by parents

Replied to The bullying of school leadership by parents (The Saturday Paper)

The consequences of this increase in abusive and threatening behaviour is that an already extraordinarily demanding and complex job becomes even harder and less rewarding. It is already more difficult than it was to attract applicants for principalsโ€™ positions and if we donโ€™t start to have a more honest conversation about this problem, we risk losing many of the excellent principals we already have. A female principal was unequivocal โ€“ โ€œI love my job, the school, the students, working in education of our young, but I often think lately that I donโ€™t need this garbage in my life. Parental abuse is the thing that will drive me out of the profession into retirement.โ€ Another principal was even more sobering about what will happen if we continue to turn a blind eye to this behaviour. โ€œIt will set the community standard,โ€ she said. What a hostile world that would be.

As a teacher/parent Jane, I do not get what parents really expect by treating school leaders poorly? I wrote a post recently on the matter.

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