💬 The 2010s Killed the Cult of the Tech Founder. Great!

Replied to The 2010s Killed the Cult of the Tech Founder. Great! (Wired)

The 2010s might have begun with Mark Zuckerberg posing for Time magazine’s Person of the Year, a role model for countless behoodied wannabe entrepreneurs. But it ended with him trying to look stoic while absorbing six hours of enraged verbal piñata swings from legislators.

Congress, along with the rest of us, is clearly disenchanted with the claims that founders are engines of wealth creation and change agents for global goodness. While their stated goals might have been lofty, the consequences of founder dreams have been low-paid gig economy jobs, misinformation campaigns, and the theft of our attention. Even Google/Alphabet, fabled for its happy workers, is experiencing employee unrest and regulatory pushback on privacy and antitrust issues.

I am intrigued that the culture that created the problem can also be it’s cure?

Even in Y Combinator’s cathedral of founderdom, there’s been a change. CEO Micheal Siebel acknowledges the shift in perception. But he says the ecosystem is course-correcting, with a new wave of founders whose focus is social good. “We’re going to see some new role models,” he says. “Founders, investors, and users all have to live in this society. We’re all seeing the problems. And everyone wants to feel like they can be part of the solution.”

This reminds me of the attempt of the humane movement.

I guess time will tell.

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