🎧 The 2010s: A Music-Making Evolution And Revolution

Listened The 2010s: A Music-Making Evolution And Revolution from NPR

As we near the end of the decade, I want to look at the ways music-making has evolved during the 2010s, both on stage and in the studio.

King Princess
Vince M. Aung
On this edition of All Songs Considered, we begin with the role of computers in live performance. Laptops are often used to playback sounds that can’t easily be created in a live setting. So, I went to the 9:30 club before soundcheck to meet the artist known as King Princess. She grew up around recording gear. Her father, Oliver Strauss is a recording engineer at Mission Sound in Brooklyn, so technology and music-making are second nature to the 21-year old. King Princess sheds light on how musicians take complex sounds from the studio and make them possible in a live setting.

Later, I look at the role of computers in the creative process, both as an effects processor and a compositional tool. One artist who is already making music and stretching the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence is Holly Herndon, who has an AI voice assistant she calls Spawn.

Bob Boilen discusses the place of technology with King Princess in today’s live performances, whether it be playing to a click-track or incorporating pre-recorded sounds. He also talks to Holly Herndon about the use of effects to augment her music, as well as her experiment training an algorithm to create uncanny sounds.

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