๐Ÿ“‘ Tesla: The brilliant company that may meet a spectacular end

Bookmarked Tesla: The brilliant company that may meet a spectacular end (The New Daily)
Elon Musk has a beautiful vision for Tesla: Shift the world to clean-powered vehicles, and do it with giant charisma and cool factor. What other car company would call their fast-acceleration option โ€œludicrous mode,โ€ and their eco-mode โ€œchill modeโ€? What other car company is launching the fastest production car ever? What other car company installs a disco mode that makes the car dance?! Tesla is brilliant at making their cars extremely desirable. If I could find $100,000 and a place to charge it, Iโ€™d get one of their Model S sedans in a heartbeat.
While at the Canberra #EdTechTeam Summit, Amy Burvall introduced the activity of creating a playlist that represented somebody. This was about using the meaning within the songs, rather than understanding the actual person. My table chose Elon Musk. Another participant chose Bowie’s Star Man, I suggested The Smith’s Stop Me If You Think You Have Heard This One Before. I think this captures what Watters describes as the myth of Musk. On the one hand you cannot help be amazed, but on the flipside, these stories are full of unfulfilled promises.

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