🎧 The Screens that Ate School with Anna Krien (TER Podcast #153)

Listened TER #153 – The Screens that Ate School with Anna Krien – 2 Aug 2020 from terpodcast.wordpress.com
Anna Krien speaks with Steve Kolber about her piece The Screens that Ate School. Her focus is the private infrastructures of public education and some of the assumptions that go unquestioned, such as the place of big tech within public education, the infiltration through various accreditation processes and lack of clarity when it comes to privacy.

This is a topic touched upon by Ben Williamson and Anna Hogan in response to the pandemic.

As someone who has been through Google’s accreditation process, it is interesting to think about this. Personally speaking, my school was not a ‘Google School’, far from it. The problem I have is that I wonder what a world looks like without Google/Apple/Microsoft? I am more than happy to have a conversation.

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