🎧 Changing Australian Education with Alan Reid (TER #143)

Listened TER #143 – Changing Australian Education with Alan Reid – 08 Dec 2019 from Teachers’ Education Review

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro – PISA results released
14:28 Kolber’s Corner
28:36 Feature Intro
30:40 Interview – Alan Reid
01:15:13 Acknowledgements and Sign-Off

Cameron Malcher opens the episode with a discussion of PISA and why we always get sucked into debates about reform, rather than questioning the assumptions that PISA is built upon. Malcher follows this with a discussion with Alan Reid in which they unpack his new book, Changing Australian Education: How policy is taking us backwards and what can be done about it. Reid talks about some of these current problems in a piece in The Conversation, in which he suggests two challenges: having a consistent idea about what is meant by educational accountability and being clear about the imperfections associated with PISA and the associated results.

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