📑 Technology Has No Impact on Teaching and Learning

Bookmarked Education Week (mobile.edweek.org)

If we truly want educational technology to take root in schools and finally live up to the promise we’ve been expecting for more than a decade, schools need to develop a cadre of well-trained tech instructional coaches. With their support, educators can drastically improve the speed, efficiency, and elegance at which they integrate technology into their classrooms and meet their teaching and learning goals. Investing in coaching may be an expensive endeavor, but it is definitely less costly than watching expensive tech gather dust in the corner of a classroom or watching another year go by in which students don’t learn the valuable skills they need to succeed in the 21st century and beyond. Without coaching, technology will continue to have no impact on learning.

Emily Davis and Brad Currie discuss the importance of coaching when it comes to implementing technology. This is something that I touched upon in my post about supporting the development of digital technologies.

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