🎧 Tame Impala (Broken Record Podcast)

Listened Tame Impala from Broken Record

Rick Rubin talks to Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker about his newest release, The Slow Rush, and his creative process. Kevin shares key influences on some Tame Impala songs and also plays Rick a demo for an unrealized song from his voice memos. Then Kevin turns the tables on Rick, asking about his work on Californication and Yeezus, which yields sage advice on record making.

Kevin Parker speaks with Rick Rubin about all things music. This is a little more raw than some of the other interviews with Parker. It included a discussion of how he first came upon music, recording tracks on a tape deck. As well as a further explanation as to why he does not listen to other music when in the middle of writing, explaining how it risks breaking the incomplete idea. Rubin spoke about giving yourself permission to capture ideas when the arise. This reminded me of Austin Kleon who puts a fresh set of cards around the house to capture ideas.

Towards the end of the conversation, Parker reflects on unintentional influences. He touches on the link between of Beach House’s Walk in the Park and Tame Impala’s Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. This moves into a conversation about interpretation and making a song your own.

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