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Replied to Talking about dying by jennymackness (Jenny Connected)

Having watched โ€˜Awakeningsโ€™ I think I should have had more faith that she could โ€˜hear meโ€™. I remember on the day before she died the District Nurse told me to go and sit with my mother and talk to her. I felt awkward about this. I hadnโ€™t had a conversation with my mother, or really talked to her, for years. But I did what the nurse told me to and the last thing I said to my mother was that she was not to worry, she would not be moved from her home into a hospital (her wish was always to die in her own home) and she would not be left alone. At the time I wondered whether she had heard or understood me, but now, with hindsight, I think that she did, and that she knew I was her daughter and was reassured that she would die at home. My regret is that I didnโ€™t talk to her more during her last weeks.

Thank you for sharing Jenny.

I think that I was probably in denial as I watched my mother die of cancer. The biggest shock was the body transformation. I cannot think of any film (I have not seen Awakenings) that authentically reflects this. Maybe I was naive? Not sure what I did expect. Was a challenge none the less.

Something that you might be interested in (if you have not already come upon it in the past) is this podcast capturing Sacks’ last days:

One of the most moving things I have listened to.

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