📑 Taking a Long Term View During Turbulent Times

Bookmarked Taking a Long Term View During Turbulent Times (Tim Kastelle)

Here’s a talk I gave last week on some methods and benefits to thinking in the long term, even when there are urgent short term events taking up our attention.

Tim Kastelle talks about the current challenge for organisations. He said that we are living through the biggest case of confirmation bias, where if the world is going to change then it should obviously change my way. Kastelle explains that thinking is the fast and attention seeking, whereas what we need is thinking that is slow and taps into the power of change. This is captured by Jenny Odell in her book How to Do Nothing. One of the problems is that during a time of chaos, speed is more important than getting it right. However, more importantly, if you are not trying to change all the time, you cannot change on demand. This is why some organisations are are struggling.

The assumption that everything will just be the same as it always has been forever is the worst decision an organisation can make.

This is similar to a point made by Harold Jarche

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