Liked The bravery, tragedy, and mystery of Captain Smirnov’s secret diamond delivery by Mike Ladd (ABC News)

There’s gunfire in the distance as a famed Dutch pilot takes off in a desperate bid to reach Australia. He’s unaware that in the plane’s safe are millions of dollars worth of diamonds โ€” most of which have never been found.

I love the closing statement of this WWII story:

After the war Palmer never really has to work again.

“He always said he loved to sit down and smoke, put his feet up for the rest of his life,” author and historian John Thompson-Gray says.

He buys a house in Broome, a blue Chevrolet, a boat and a business, and always has plenty of cash.

Listened Hardcore History 65 โ€“ Supernova in the East IV from

Dan Carlin’s continues he exploration of Japan’s expansion, unpacking the battles in the Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal. Riveting as ever.
Liked Virtual Enigma machine illustrates how signals traveled through its wiring and rotors (Boing Boing)

Check out this lovely interactive version of an Enigma machine coded up by Tom MacWright!

You can type in your plaintext message and then watch an animation simulate how the signal would travel through an Enigma, encrypting it. It’s quite mesmerizing to observe; I almost want to set one of those up to translate a novel, and run it as a screensaver over several months