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Ms Lewis is not alone. With women today more educated than ever, their qualifications, expectations and desire to work in fulfilling professional roles are the same as men’s.

Highly educated women also tend to marry men of similar education, resulting in more relationships comprised of two professional equals, often holding similar career and work aspirations.

And while there are many positives to such arrangements, they can also bring with them a uniquely contemporary problem: when you have two similarly ambitious and educated individuals, what happens when one’s career takes off β€” and the partner’s stagnates?

Caroline Zielinski discusses the challenges of family and work. I think that this is something that Austin Kleon captures best:

Increasing Complexity

I feel that the biggest challenge in today’s day and age is balancing between everyone’s interests.

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Teachers and mental health experts share their tips for ways educators can keep a balanced approach to work, and avoid emotional and physical burnout.

Grace Jennings-Edquist collates a number of self-care strategies to support teachers. This is something that I have written about in the past. I still have concerns that we are overlooking the systemic issues.
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Here are a handful of things I think I know about being a dad:

The one point that really struck me as I type this with the rest of the family fast asleep was the point about balance:

Work, children, or a social life. You may pick two at a time. (Nobody wants to hear this.)

That is a good point.