Bookmarked Tales of wombat ‘heroes’ have gone viral. Unfortunately, they’re not entirely true (ABC News)

Wombats can emerge as accidental heroes during a bushfire.

Responding to stories on social media the wombats have been shepherding to hide in their borrows, Julia Banim explains that they are more accidental heroes. She discusses the research which highlights the way in which different animals share the underground network with wombats.

Researchers observed ten other species, six of which used them on multiple occasions.

The intruders ranged from rock wallabies and bettongs to skinks and birds. Little penguins were recorded using burrows 27 times, while the black-footed rock wallaby was observed using wombat burrows more often than wombats, visiting nearly 2,000 times in eight weeks.

One of the reasons for this is that wombats often move between a number of homes, therefore leaving their space for squatters.

In fact, a 2012 study tracked one wombat to 14 different burrows.

While wombats are often regarded as quite sedentary, another study found the average home range size of common wombats is 172 hectares.

Listened Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life by The Wombats from
Although the catchy synth hooks may have gone, the infectious tunes still remain. Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life reminded me of early Blur, but maybe The Strokes is a better comparison.

Frontman Matthew Murphy told triple j Breakfast that his grand vision:

was to keep it organic and not use too many synths or whatever, like we had done on the last couple of albums… In terms of songwriting, I think it’s a bit of a bangin’ album to be honest.

In his review for NME, Thomas Smith suggests:

There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but little to be ashamed of either.

I think though that Mac McNaughton captures it best in The Music when wonders:

Was that it.

There are some albums that are instantly irresistible, then there are those that are unexpected, taking a bit more time to make sense of. This has been my experience with some of the latter Radiohead albums. Maybe Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life will be the same, but right now. It is not standing up against past albums.