🤔 #WhatIf we solved real problems on the fly as a keynote? #digital16


What if we flipped the keynote, provided a short provocation and from there used the time allocated for the keynote to model authentic problem solving in real time? Is this beyond the realm of possibility? Would this be useful? Just wondering.

🤔 #whatif the strategies we use in the classroom were directly linked to the stage of the learner?

In a recent post by Peter DeWitt he reflects upon learning styles suggesting that our focus should be on learning strategies. I Wonder though whether talking about ‘strategies’ in themselves misses something as well? What if instead of dipping into a pre-concieved bag of what worked, teachers had the capabilities to build and adapt strategies to the specific needs of the learner?Â

🤔 #WhatIf instead of promoting ourselves through links, we celebrated others?


There is nothing more frustating than opening a link only to find out that there is linkis comment down the bottom. I really don’t get the point of Linkis.com. If I share a resource, why do I need to remind people that I share it with people? Beyond the element of spamming, I wonder if there is a potential to use the funtion in order to give voice to random people in your PLN?

🤔 #WhatIf certification was about community rather than credit?


I have been thinking a bit about Creative Commons lately in response to Alan Levine’s recent work, I got wondering about the implications of a certification program. I have been through various programs in the past, such as Google Teachers Academy. and am told again and again about the community that will be made availible because of it. However, this is so often overlooked. What if, rather than a badge to go on a website, the focus of such certification was simply about community, about shared interest, a group of people with whom I we can learn with together? If content is people, awesome content is people working as a community.

🤔 #WhatIf schools ran Maker Faires?

What if we replaced static school science fairs where students show their projects with an event where students are involved in activities where people can interact with different things and get hands on? Taking this a step further, what if schools opened their doors after hours to become a community hub for making?

🤔 #WhatIf students (and parents) managed their own blogs?


As I progressively go through and archive a plethora of student blogs I am let wondering if we have gotten it right? Many of these spaces have been abandoned. Hours spent building them up, only for them to be left to silent. It makes me think about why we do it. This led me to wonder what if students and parents were responsible for the online presence? We ask students to do a lot already, why would managing a blog be any different? Also, this seems to be the fix for many schools in regards to iPads in that it puts the control in the hands of the students. This is an idea that Audrey Watters talks about in her book Claim Your Domain.

🤔 #WhatIf students had a hand in how they are taught in the classroom?

Steve Brophy sent the above image to me today with the challenge to identify the biggest problem in my classroom. I was intrigued by who was attached to the message and left thinking that the biggest problem in the classroom is the lack of student action. Too often the conversations that really mater a devoid of those who the decisions actually apply. Therefore I wonder, what if students had a central role in deciding what works in the classroom and what doesn’t? Maybe that itself would be the real learning?

🤔 #WhatIf School Software Was More Respectful?


I have been doing a bit of reading into different blogging platforms lately, especially as an answer to sharing in schools. I stumbled upon the notion of ‘respectful software‘ today from Ben Werdmuller. It left me thinking, how respectful is the software we use in schools and what if it was more so?

🤔 #WhatIf there were no education unions?


In a recent interview between Graham Martin-Brown and George Werner regards to Liberia’s new script-based education policy, Werner made the comment that “Bridge doesn’t tolerate teachers unions in the schools it operates.” This got me thinking, what if there were no education unions? How would education be different? Would it allow for more innovation and disruption? Would this always be positive? This is such an interesting question and really makes me think about the world that we maybe moving into in the future.