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β€œAs it turns out, the answer is not that simple. You see, Sir Professor Isaac of Newton was so clever, he was born in BOTH 1642 and 1643…”
Taken from theΒ current issue of the Visual Thinker. You can subscribe here.
You can use this image for free without changing it as long you include the at…

I really enjoyed this account Bryan. I have found the challenge associated with supporting my daughter intriguing. Sadly, coxing her down rabbit holes has been a bit of a challenge as I am not her ‘real teacher’. Although she has enjoyed diving into Minecraft which has been her supposed bonus passion project.
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This looks fantastic Bryan. I am definitely going to have to have a tinker with it #EngChat
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This site allows you to add your own meaning to artwork by participating in it’s remix. It’s a collection of distinct visual apps. If you’d like to use REMIXER for your business, conference or campaign,

This is the project page for all of Bryan Mathers’ remix projects. I have tinkered with a few of these in the past:

However, I did not release how many others had been created, including an WWW EBI postcard, thrump card templates, meme generator and an open badge designer.