Listened vinylcast #25: Depeche Mode’s Master & Servant (U.S. Black & Blue Version) – bavaradio from

No judgement here on Depeche Mode. Was just what I needed to get going on a Saturday morning.

I really enjoyed Adrian Sherwood’s remix of People are People:

Has me wanting to revisit some of his Nine Inch Nail remixes.

Listened vinylcast #22: INXS’s Kick – bavaradio from
I really enjoyed listening to Kick with you Jim.

I never realised how many hits were on that album. I agree with you, it felt like I knew every song. However, growing up in Australia in the 90’s, it was never cool to listen to INXS. (Damian Cowell might call that ‘being a wanker‘.) I probably only dived into their music in the last few years (after their brush with reality TV.)

This all reminded me of something that Dan Condon recently wrote in response to rediscovering You Am I’s Dress Me Slowly:

Is the added pang of nostalgia you get when unearthing an old treasure enough to make it stand even taller? Does distance really make the heart grow fonder?

It can’t be confected. You can’t bury a record like a time capsule and come back to it expecting revelations.

But geez it’s a good feeling to be surprised by something so familiar. Dig through your shelves this weekend and see if something grabs you for the first time in a long time.

On a side note, I am enjoying your Tom Waitsesque dive down the rabbit hole discussing Ovi and getting drunk at Fordham.