Liked Autoethnography on Virtually Connecting part 1 (Reflecting Allowed)

My research paradigm is within interpretive and critical traditions, but also strongly relies on what Laurel Richardson calls โ€œcrystallizationโ€ (i.e. the same thing can look different if you shed light on it from different angles (poststructuralist). This means I can entertain ideas of VC advocating for justice and challenging and hegemony while also reproducing inequality in some ways.

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Too often we speak of a decentralized web as if it requires the latest technology. Yet really people must make up an #Indieweb. We do not need new apps or the latest blockchain-schmockchain tool. People only need a blog and a bit of htmlโ€ฆand other people.
A web where folks control their data, shap…

As both Tuesday and Wednesday will be occurring around 5:00 in the morning, I do not think that I will catch these sessions live, but I will certainly watch them afterwards.

As a side note, I really love the energy that Greg McVerry is bringing to the IndieWeb community.