RSVPed Attending EAL program: What is Plurilingualism?

This presentation will explore plurilingualism and the ways it can be used to enhance the teaching of EAL students.

This webinar offered by VCAA walks through the concept of plurilingualism and its implications. Plurilingual is about the languages inherent within the individual. This is different to multilingual which is about the various languages spoken within a community. Plurilingualism sees efficincy as something that is a combination of all languages, not just the mother tongue. With this in mind, it needs to be noted that proficency in mother tongue may in fact vary, especially in regards to written forms that may not be fostered as much.

This was a useful presentation as I am not sure I had ever properly thought about plurilingualism. It really has me rethinking ways in which I support learners. The challenge is to be aware of this and make it an active process. Associated with this, there needs to be an effort to promote a more positive perception about achievement. Rather than students struggling, they are on a developmental pathway. In the end, this all highlights the ways in which literacy not static, but something that is ever evolving.

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These two posters provide visual representations and examples of the components of the Digital Technologies Curriculum and elements of ICT.

ย The difference between the Victorian Digital Technologies curriculum and ICT F-6 and 7-10ย – A3 size (pdf – 268.87kb)

The A3-sized poster can be downloaded, printed and added to student workbooks or similar.

A collection of resources associated with the Digital Technologies Curriculum, including several infographics and videos.