Replied to Compass and the Spectre of the Ultranet by Aaron DavisAaron Davis (

It is easy to pretend that all the challenges faced by the Ultranet belonged to the Ultranet. However, so many issues still persist, lying dormant, waiting for an opportunity to raise their head once again. The question isn’t whether Compass provides a great potential to improve education, the question is whether schools are ready for these changes. That is the real question.

I remember being sold the dream that everything Compass had to offer. However, the kicker was the opening line:

This is what the Ultranet should have been.

It would seem as all the state schools returned today and everyone tried to access the site that the chickens have come home to roost.

Replied to ‘This has caused significant stress’: NAPLAN computer errors anger teachers, students (ABC News)

Victorian schools are given the option to scrap online NAPLAN tests after computer glitches and broadband problems affected schools across the country.

What is slightly disconcerting is that it is hard to find anyone who was surprised by this, especially those who were around during the days of the Ultranet.