Liked Jim DeRogatis again makes his case against R. Kelly, Chicago’s legal system and the public in ‘Soulless’ (

After a couple hundred pages of just-the-facts reporting, sometimes engaging and others times less so, DeRogatis finally gives some powerful analysis. And, it is a gut punch after he has painstakingly made his case against Kelly, the city of Chicago, the legal system and us, the public: R.Kelly is only on the brink of facing real consequences after 30 years of allegations of predation, abuse and sex trafficking because R. Kelly is finally out of money.

Bookmarked Why Is Digital Sociology? (tressiemc)

Digital sociology is because race, class, and gender are. Digital sociology is because capitalism is. Digital sociology is because inequality is. Digital sociology is immersed in the technologies reshaping social processes and, like the classic imperative to stand apart, must wrestle with our social location in a digital society. We should study groups because that is what we do. We should make testable hypotheses and revisit the assumptions in our empirical claims to knowledge. We should examine anew if place is a suitable proxy for space and if either approximate status in a digitally-mediated world. We should attend to power beyond the strength off weak ties. The digital society is not just social ties. It is also currencies and exchanges and power relations and asymmetries. Digital sociology should disaggregate these to their respective subfield experts but also keep an eye on their synthesis and integration. Digital sociology needs more big theory as well as testable theory.

Tressie McMillan Cottom discusses what is different about digital sociology. This reminds me of the discussions about digital literacies and digital fluency. I must admit I get a little lost in the debate sometimes.

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Liked Why Are Pregnant Black Women Viewed as Incompetent? (Time)

Pain, like pregnancy, is inconvenient for bureaucratic efficiency and has little use in a capitalist regime. When the medical profession systematically denies the existence of black women’s pain, underdiagnoses our pain, refuses to alleviate or treat our pain, healthcare marks us as incompetent bureaucratic subjects. Then it serves us accordingly.

Liked Through THICK and Thin by an author (The First and the 15th)

If you are on the fence about this whole essay collection thing, I understand. Test drive it by reading a couple of excerpts; see how it feels to you. ran an excerpt on class and social reproduction this week. And, Time magazine published an excerpt on race, class, gender and structural vulnerability.

Bookmarked Academic Outrage: When The Culture Wars Go Digital by Tressie McMillan Cottom (tressiemc)

This isn’t an issue for individual professors. This is an organized effort. Sociologists may know a little something about those. Learn how to organize, then organize.

Tressie McMillan Cottom discusses the challenges of being critical in online spaces. She says to learn how to organise and then organise. Some take-aways include:

  • Beware the hand-wavers and the hand-wringers
  • On the flip side, don’t be a hand-waver and hand-wringer
  • If you or a colleague is under attack, help your institution to help you
  • Take care of your family
  • Master platforms
  • Get long-term

I wonder what this means for K-12 educators and the call for connected educators?