Bookmarked Guiding Peer Feedback with a Feedback Chat by Tony Vincent

Quality feedback is timely, tied to a goal, and results in improvement. Strong feedback is actionable and answers three questions: What am I trying to achieve? How much progress have I made so far? What should I do next?

Tony Vincent shares some strategies and templates to support the feedback process.
Replied to 5th Grade: Here I Come! by Tony Vincent (Learning in Hand with Tony Vincent)

I am expecting that classroom teaching will be hard work. I’m embracing the challenge. I am expecting to be humbled. I’m ready to learn lessons that I don’t even know I need to learn. I am expecting I’ll need help. I’m lucky that I’ve got educator friends from around the world who I know I can rely on for advice, ideas, and empathy.

Congratulations Tony. What an exciting opportunity. I look forward to following the new twist in your journey.