Bookmarked Critical Digital Fluency Revisited by Tom Woodward (

I had the chance to talk to the kind folks from Middlebury about digital fluency Friday. I’ll probably do a better job getting into the depth of things with this as I was moving pretty rapidly for the 20 minute presentation. It’s also super-meta in a way that’s hard to articulate verbally so I…

Tom Woodward presented at Middlebury on the topic of ‘digital fluency’. These notes capture his thinking as he walks through different aspects associated with the topic. One thing that interested me was his discussion of the URL:

I started with the idea of the link/URL. It’s a uniquely digital capability. I used the Wikipedia structure to point out that the various flavors move you between languages for the same article. You may or may not notice something like that but knowing it gives you a bit of power, it opens an avenue of consideration, and it becomes a tool you can use with or without the web designer giving it to you directly.

I also turned a part of the text into a visual graphic which was included within a post on coding.

URL and Travel

“URL and” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA