Listened What oil companies knew: the great climate cover-up – podcast from the Guardian

Author Bill McKibben on how industry lobbying created 30-year barrier to tOil firms are said to have known for decades of the link between burning fossil fuels and climate breakdown. Author Bill McKibben describes how industry lobbying created a 30-year barrier to tackling the crisis.ackling crisis.

Listened Going viral: Fox News, Davos and radical economics – podcast from the Guardian

Rutger Bregman became a social media sensation after his onstage tirade at the gathered elite in Davos this year captured the imaginations of millions who viewed the speech online. But can his utopian ideas be translated into realistic policy changes? Plus: J Oliver Conroy on David Buckel, a year on from the climate protester’s death in New York

Rutger Bregman discusses his book Utopia for Realists and his pushback at Davos.

For Bregman, the future is in Universal Basic Income, borderless world and more taxes. When asked about what he would stop doing today, he said to stop reading the news and find other people.

It is interesting to consider the similarities and differences between Bregman and Douglas Rushkoff, presented in his book Team Human.