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I think there are many ‘hard lines’ in education that should be blurred, softer, and less definitive.

Where would you add a little sfumato in education?

One area that I think would warrant from a little softness is timetables. Although I read about examples where schools manage to break the rigid constructs, sadly this is often the exception.
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Organising a timetable that functions efficiently and also embraces Asimov’s conditions, providing the appropriate time and pace for our students to be deeply creative is a complex issue. It will be one of the biggest hurdles for our schools to overcome and is a vital component of contemporary learning design. Changing the way we organise time might just be the key to unlocking the ideal conditions for creativity in schools.


Richard, I love this point:

“There is no such thing as a typical day. Every student’s day is different and no two students have the same timetable.”

I worked at a school that went with a choice based program a few years ago. The problem with it was that it was as old as I was.

Although the students had choice, it was choice over what teacher’s were willing to offer. I guess that would be the next step.

I like the work Greg Miller is doing in this area.