Liked How Do We Build 21st Century Business Skills?

So this year we launched a new MBA Industry Project program at UQ.

The way we pitch it to businesses is: do you have a problem that you know is strategically important, but you donโ€™t currently have the bandwidth within your organisation to find the best solution? If so, we will put a team of MBA on that problem for one semester to help you find the best way forward.

(And if so, and if youโ€™re in Australia, and youโ€™re interested, please get in touch!)

The way we pitch it to students is: if you look at that list of 21st Century capabilities, and agree that they are important, this is the best way to build them.

Liked How Do You Invest Your Most Valuable Asset โ€“ Your Attention? (The Discipline of Innovation)

We make choices about how we invest attention constantly, and, mostly, unconsciously. Thereโ€™s value in thinking about this more consciously. And Iโ€™m not talking about efficiency. This isnโ€™t about making more efficient use of time. Itโ€™s about making our investments more purpose-driven.