Liked Tim Ferriss Is No Longer Living the Tim Ferriss Lifestyle. Neither Should You (Inc.)

Because not everything that is meaningful can be measured.

Before you optimize a task or function, take a step back and consider the goal. If extreme efficiency is the only goal, by all means optimize away — because that will make you happy.

But if a personal component is involved — purpose, or meaning, or satisfaction, or fulfillment, or self-awareness, or any number of other emotional rather than quantifiable outcomes — then make sure optimization doesn’t require too high of a cost.

Replied to Heather Havrilesky: There Are Too Many Gurus in America (Literary Hub)

More than anything else, the modern guru denies the existence of external obstacles. Racism, systemic bias, income inequality—to acknowledge these would be to deny the power of the self. They are sidestepped in favor of handy modern conveniences, or the importance of casting off draining relationships, or the constant quest to say no to the countless opportunities rolling your way. What an indulgence it must be, to have your greatest obstacles be “sugar” or “anger” or “toxins.” In many ways, the artist might be seen as the polar opposite of the guru.

I agree with your comments John. There is a level of belief and entitlement within this work that has always left me feeling uneasy. After listening to a few episodes, I removed the podcast from my feed.

I feel that people like Austin Kleon, although also a part of the self-help genre, add a sense of fragility to their work.