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Tonight I added an On This Day widget to the sidebar of my homepage. I also added an archive page at They show old posts from the same day from prior years. There may be one or two small display issues that I’ll come back and tweak, but functionally things ar...
Did you use Colin Walker’s code? Or come up with your own?

I would love to bring in my old FB data, blog posts from my main site and even my old Tweets and create a similar page.

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We have started refreshing the EDUtalk Site. Updating the theme and how the live audio plays. We have started updating the information pages too over the break. If you be interested in appearing on a show next session please get in touch. Also on: Like this:Like Loading...
John, for a second I thought you had gone all #IndieWeb and spun up David Shanske’s 2016 IndieWeb theme.
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I recently started exploring David Shanske’s 2016 IndieWeb Theme for Read Write Collect. Before, I had been using Matthias Pfefferle’s Zen Press. I really like Zen for its looks and still may go back or use it for my main site. It has the feel of Medium without being in Medium. My concerns were:...
Inspired by Kicks Condor’s recent post about ‘black and white, with a little bit of blue’, I have returned to ZenPress. Although Independent Press played nicely, I really like the look and feel of ZenPress and although it still does not work well with Jetpack’s Related Posts, my answer short term answer is to turn the function off.
Been siting on this problem for a while, but I have a few stray widgets in my WordPress installation of ReadWriteRespond. Initially, I thought that it might be a theme-based problem, but this does not seem to make a difference:

Screenshot taken of ReadWriteRespond using the ZenPress theme

No matter what I add or delete, the widgets still exist.

I saw @jgmac1106 mention about totally reinstalling WordPress again. Maybe that is what is required? Just wondering if anyone has any guides or considerations with doing this (on new ground,) Or maybe I am just jumping the gun.

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For anyone who comes here considering trying my setup, I’m always available to help. For those who are trying my plugins…they are still being refined, but feedback and contributions(of code) are appreciated.
Thank you David for the updated post. I really should write a similar post for prosperity. One question, what are your concerns with SNAP? I think it could be better, but is 10x better than Jetpack in regards to customisation?
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The only place I ever saw Highlights for Children magazine was at my dentist office, a short distraction while waiting for the drilling and fat fingers of weird old Dr Cooper. The tagline of the magazine was “Fun With a Purpose”. But no connection here, except the name, it’s a brand new Word...
Alan Levine has pushed out another HTML conversion that reminds me a bit of Adobe Spark Pages. I think that I like it even more than the Big Picture theme that I used as a ‘home page’. The question I am left wondering about starting from scratch (or a basic starting block) is how hard it would be to bake in microformats or maybe the plugin is enough?