The Chaser team mash-up David Attenborough style nature video in search for Scott Morrison. There is something strange listening to the full Chaser podcasts in that you always have to double-check if it is or is not a real advert.
War on 2020 is a series of satirical sketches about the year produced by The Chaser and The Shovel.

Dubbed The War on 2020, it features an all-stars line up of the best satirical comedians in the country, directed by Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst (SBS The Feed), and written and performed by Mark Humphries (ABC 7.30), Nina Oyama (Utopia), Sami Shah (ABC Radio), Steph Tisdell (Deadly Funny), Nat Damena (SBS The Feed) and James Schloeffel (The Shovel). The series will also utilise the writing talents of Evan Williams and Rebecca Shaw.

They cover a range of topics, including the absurdity of QAnon, Dan Andrews being labelled a dictator, the frenzied stockpiling of toilet paper and the solidarity around the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the highlight of them all was Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton’s review of 2020:


Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton team up once again to provide a review of 2020. The question they grapple is whether it has been a disaster or just satire.

In the words of our very own David Stratton, 2020 was a pretty awful experience overall, and deserved zero stars. His description of the plot was simply brilliant too.
β€œAn aging despot with deteriorating mental health refuses to engage with a global pandemic and overboiling racial tensions, while people are forced to stay home to watch a documentary on big cat game parks,” says David.