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The release of last week’s episode of Gettin’ Air came with bonus material… A new logo! I’ve loved Bryan Mathers’ work for a long time. My laptop is covered in work he’s done with the likes of Reclaim Hosting, Audrey Watters, OpenETC … just to name a few. I wear his work on my belly of…

Enjoyed listening to this conversation between Terry Greene and Bryan Mathers. I was really interested in his point about branding and that sometimes you do not know if a coat is the right fit until you wear it a few times. However, the comment that I like the most was something Bryan said at the end about ideas and listening:

Good listening is playing back what people actually already know, but they don’t really know they know.

Terry also shared Bryan’s creation of a new logo for the podcast on his blog.

This reminded me of Growth Coaching and the ‘coaching way of being’.

Replied to 🎧 Tom Woodward | Gettin’ Air with Terry Green | voicEd (BoffoSocko)

Join Terry Greene as he and his guests get some air time to discuss technology-enabled and open learning practices in Ontario Post-Secondary Education.

Chris, you might also like going back to an interview with Tom prior to Domains17:

Otherwise, completely agree with going back into Tom’s archives. So many great thoughts and ideas scattered in there.

Liked Dreaming is Free by Terry Greene @greeneterryTerry Greene @greeneterry (

When I was asked to keynote the Fleming College Fall Teaching & Learning Day, I thought it’d be a great chance to heed some advice from Blondie (Dreaming is free, after all) and drop a bunch of ideas for digital learning initiatives that we could do and see which ones that we can breath some life into. Each of these ideas are inspired by some open, networked and/or connectivist learning experiences that are already out there. This is an invitation for all of us to dream together about what we can do, so the talk came with a survey that gives you the chance to add your name to any initiative you’d like and your thoughts to the list. That way I can follow up with you and get you on board. So, let’s get digital (here are the slides) and take a look at these wild ideas

Terry I really enjoyed this meander through what is possible. For me it serves as a useful provocation.