Listened Tayla Harris — the girl who kicked goals against internet trolls from ABC Radio

As a young girl, Tayla Harris was the only girl on the football field. It didn’t stop her though, she kicked butt and fought hard for her place. Now, she’s a star AFLW player and a champion boxer. But her most important fight of all was against internet trolls. When Tayla was bullied savagely online for doing her job, she took a brave stand — one that will go down in history.

Narrated by musician and singer, Amy Shark.

A recount of Tayla Harris‘ life leading to that kick.
Bookmarked Trolls are just the start of the problems facing female players (ABC News)

When former male AFL players join the pile-on of their female counterparts, you can see there’s still a lot of work to do.

Kate O’Halloran reports on the furore that has arisen around the publication Tayla Harris’ photograph, where Channel 7 pulled the image after being inundated by trolls, only to reinstate it after pressure. O’Halloran explains that such trolling is neither new nor is it restricted to AFLW. Instead, it highlights an underlying misogynistic culture within sport:

There is enormous power and privilege associated with men’s sport, and it is time that power was used to support those who are much more marginalised, paid precariously and subject to abuse simply for making headway into a deeply patriarchal culture.

This reminds me of Phil Cleary’s article in 2004 discussing this subculture. What concerns me is that Harris raised concern that some of the men who made derogatory comments online had wives and daughters. I have concern that it is appropriate for anyone to say such things. It will be interesting to the see the legacy of this moment.