Liked Nick Cave – The Red Hand Files – Issue #138 – I read the Mark Mordue biography ‘Boy On Fire’ recently. I’m always interested in people’s stories and often ponder how and why some people’s voices get to be heard whereas others don’t. Mark’s writing touched on this with Bronwyn Bonney’s quote about a formula of success that you had, unlike some of your creative friends in those early years. Do you reflect on this at all? The Red Hand Files (The Red Hand Files)

I had, without any supporting evidence, a shameless and pathological belief in my own awesomeness. Whilst many other musiciansโ€™ dreams seem to stretch to getting a gig at the local pub on a Saturday night, my dream was always, always, world domination. You have to remember that this is coming from a guy who when asked by his primary school teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up, answered, โ€˜A cult leader.โ€™