Replied to Luxuries Become Essential

If cellphones were a species, would this be a symbiotic relationship or would we would be the hosts in a parasitic relationship where the phones benefited more from us than we benefit from them?

As much as mobile phones are essential (as I write this response on one), I wonder if they are sustainable? Do we need new ones all the time? Could we do more in regards to materials?

On a side note, are the plethora internet of things that fill every gap in our life with data essential? It was interesting reading about decarbonising as a possible approach to sustainability of environment and our privacy.

Liked Our phones and gadgets are now endangering the planet | John Harris by John Harris (the Guardian)

Whatever its other ethical contortions, Silicon Valley has an environmental conscience. Facebook has pledged to, sooner or later, power its operations using “100% clean and renewable energy”. Google says it has already achieved that goal. So does Apple. Yet even if you factor in efficiency improvements, beneath many of these claims lies a reality in which the vast and constant demand for power means such companies inevitably use energy generated by fossil fuels, and then atone for it using the often questionable practice of carbon offsetting.

Harris also touches on James Bridle’s new book.
Listened Warm data, innovative electric transport and “fossil free steel” from Radio National

Green innovation comes in many forms. And promising project don’t have to be big, they only have to make a start.

This episode of Future Tense captures a number of projects currently being explored associated with sustainability.